Juanita Ventura

Medium and Terra-Psychic™ 


Give yourself a bit of balance. 

Have a burning question that you can't answer? Are you doubting the signs and messages you are receiving? Are you worrying about decisions you've made, or about to make? Do you need guidance in your career path, love life, or finances? 

Let your loved ones on the other side, your guides and the angels help you! 

Spiritual Consultation

Mediumship and Intuitive Readings

Spiritual Consultation via phone, Skype or in person

30 Minute Spiritual Consultation - $45.00


60 Minute Spiritual Consultation - $80.00


1 Question / Card (typically runs 15 minutes) - $25.00

Stone Blessings

A custom talisman for you that includes the message it bears along with an intuitive reading. 

*These require 1 week's notice so the Stone Blessing™ can be created. For phone or Skype readings, the Stone Blessing™ will be mailed. 

30 Minute Stone Blessing™ - $55.00


60 Minute Stone Blessing™ - $90.00

Private Parties / Psychic Fairs*

Hosting a party and need something different to offer as entertainment? How about entertainment that serves a purpose? Make your guest feel like you care about them by offering a bit of balance in their lives. I can come to you and offer short (15 min) readings, similar to a psychic fair event! Call me! Your friends and family will love you for it. 

Minimum of 5 people required for parties

$20 per person 

*Psychic Fairs and public events are scheduled on occassion. If you see I'm working something public, the cost for readings will be same as above. 

Wedding Officiate - Non-denominational

I am an ordained minister (Spiritualist) who can officiate your non-denominational wedding. Ceremony can be tailored to your beliefs, customs and requirements. Incorporate all or some of your religious traditions, and customize so the wedding ceremony reflects your own relationship. Call me! 

$100.00 (formalize and officiate)
$150 (1 hour rehearsal, formalize and officiate)