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My Story

Connecting to Spirit in today's World

I was taking a shower, on a sunny Arizona November day, after having done a few hours of yard work. As I was washing my hair, I noticed a shadow darkening the skylight in my bathroom. I wondered why since there were no clouds in the sky, nor the forecast, so I opened my eyes to look, and the skylight was bright – no clouds. 

I resumed my showering and the shadow returned, so I stopped, and with eyes closed, paid closer attention. The shadow seemed to be inside my bathroom. Even though my eyes were closed, I noticed that the shadow had stopped and was stationary, just outside the shower doors, which were glass. I immediately opened my eyes because I felt like someone was standing there! Nothing. 

I was a bit shaken because I could have sworn someone was standing there so I stared at the empty space for a moment and then closed my eyes to resume my shower. The shadow was still there but this time, with my eyes closed, I could make out that it was a man, wearing a black long-sleeved shirt, black western hat, and long pants. He started to speak, but the sound started externally and then became more internal, in my mind. 

He told me his name, and who he was. I was in complete disbelief about what was happening, so I just listened as he continued to share information and he asked that I share with his son, Billy. His name was Bill. I did not speak, I only listened. 

Again, I was not completely believing what was happening despite having spent the past few years attending a Universalist-Spiritualist church where Mediumship and Psychic messages were a regular practice. I immediately contacted a couple of the ministers, for guidance. My first reaction was to seek counseling and maybe get some medication.

Bill continued to connect with me, for the nearly two years, offering guidance and information for his son and other family members. Billy (his son) was hands down the best comfort and partner in this situation that I could have ever asked for. He was open-minded, he helped me understand the information was not mine to decipher, just to pass on. He created a supportive space for me to grow and understand this gift – being the skeptic that I am, I truly needed that environment.

I continued my work in the church, offering messages from the podium, on a regular basis, noting that the information was becoming easier to receive. 

I then relocated from Tucson to Phoenix where the practice of Mediumship is intense and competitive. There was a strict divide between psychic messages and Evidential Mediumship messages. I dove right in, honing the art, practicing, and offering mind-blowing information from the Spirit world.

One day we had a guy show up at the church, first time there, and an acquaintance of his (in Spirit) stepped in offering comfort about his own suicide and advised not to follow his path but to seek comfort in another way. After service, this man told me he had been contemplating suicide but did not at all expect to hear from this particular person! He merely wanted a more “Spiritual” and less “religious” place to be in. I have so many of these types of stories!

I, however, became disillusioned with the church, moved out of that space, and began offering my services publicly by doing readings and also offering the intuitive development classes I facilitated in the church, publicly. 

By now, however, I was obsessed with the information and guidance that was coming across. It’s great for people to connect with their loved ones but the most powerful information has come from that space where we open to all of Spirit - our guides, our loved ones, our higher selves, angels and other benevolent beings. 

It was in that realization that I moved away from Mediumship and now focus only on channeling guidance and healing information from Spirit. In this “more open” space I’ve had even more powerful information come across that has helped individuals with their health, their jobs, their businesses, and just claiming balance in their lives. I have experienced very powerful, and transformational, readings for people.

My personal journey has moved me from the need to 'see and know' the future, to creating it by visualizing and then listening to the guidance that I’m receiving. I have gained such peace from being in that space of having faith that answers and guidance will come to me at the just the right time. 

I use my insight in the workplace, as well as in my personal life, and it’s done wonders for me, mentally and emotionally. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I exude peace – but folks that knew me “Pre-Bill and Billy” will be shocked by that statement! 

It is my mission to help as many people receive the guidance and healing information that they need, by offering powerful consultations, but my hope is to empower people to learn how to receive the guidance and information on their own. If I can do this…so can you.

This gift is such a powerful tool! We need all the help we can get to through this thing called “life” and I’m here to help you connect with Spirit. 

What is a Terra-Psychic

I began my spiritual path in the mid-80's but seriously focused on it in early 2000. I am NOT one of those "Fairy tale" mediums that talked to spirit as a child. I'm more of a "Corporate psychic" and worked my way into Mediumship. Spirit appeared to me, quite unceromoniously while I was showering one day in 2006, but that's another story for another day. Mediumship runs in our family, in fact my son saw spirit since he was a tiny tot, while my younger son is clairsentient and has already taken training in Metaphysics and Mediumship. My grandmother was a "closet" Medium, no doubt this is where our gift comes from.

Prior to 2006 I had been working with Spirit, giving messages from Platform - psychic Mediumship. I became an ordained Spiritualist Minister in 2008 and since then focused on Spiritualist Mediumship while still serving from Platform.

The one thing that has not changed is my love of and connection to nature. I began to use all things natural and of the earth as tools and symbols in my intuitive work. During my work on the platform I ws guided by spirit to created crystal and gemstone talismans that carried messages for others. These I called Stone Blessings™ and I create them, to this day. I also incorporate using the elements, herbs, animal totems, and all things mother earth offers us as guidance and support. From this was born the term Terra-Psychic™ which was given to me by Spirit. Terra is Latin for Earth. She speaks to me. 

Working for Spirit

I offer private readings and parties, Gallery Readings for large private gatherings, public events/workshops, and teaching. 

My favorite consultations are those that help me connect others to their intuitive gifts, and I welcome all opportunities to share my knowledge and experiences. 


  • Aromatherapy Essentials – March 2000

  • Pendulum and Rod Dowsing course (Walt Wood/American Dowsers AZ) – August 2000

  • Reiki Master (Tucson, AZ / Jannah Chay, Shamballa) – June 2002

  • Western Herbalism Foundations (Pam Hyde-Nakai) – March 2003

  • Kinesiology I – Acessing the unconscious with muscle testing (SWIHA) – June 2003

  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (Wesland Institute, Tucson AZ) – April 2003

  • Massage Therapy basics (Desert Institute of the Healing Arts) - Winter 2003-Summer 2004

  • Shiatsu basics (Desert Institute of the Healing Arts) – Winter 2003-Summer 2004

  • Chinese Medicine Beginnings (Desert Institute of the Healing Arts) – Winter 2003-Summer 2004

  • Craniosacral Therapy Level 1 (Maureen Schwer, NMD, CST-D) – August 2008

  • Ministry/Mediumship training (Temple of Universality, Tucson AZ) – August 2005-September 2008

  • Created Stone Blessings™ - 2006

  • Ordained Minister Temple of Universality (Tucson, AZ) – October 2008

  • Platform Messages/Mediumship Certification (Center for Self Discovery Church, Tucson, AZ) – August 2007

  • Chapel of the America’s development, implementation and active minister/board member – January 2008-February 2010

  • Mediumship Training (Rev Suzanne Greer of Camp Chesterfield) – March 2009

  • Tarot Reader Certification (Magic Mirror Workshops/Raven Tempest) – March-June 2009

  • Mediumship Training I (Rev Janet Tisdale of CoLS) – June 2012

  • Advanced Mediumship Workshop (Sandra Bell McFadden) – June 2012

  • Certified Angel Card Reader™ (Doreen Virtue/Radleigh Valentine) – March 2013

  • Created Terra-Psychic™ name and philosophy – Winter 2014

  • Pastor, Harmony in Phoenix/Rising Phoenix Spirituatlist Church – February –August 2015

  • Certified Intuition Empowerment Coach (Wainwright Global, Inc) - November 2018

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