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Introducing the club where you can develop your intuitive gifts and learn to use them for personal guidance and helping others, but mainly to step into a life fully connected to source. Make Intuition your super power and as common to your day as breathing. Become the Mystic Intuitive**.

I have so many clients who are interesting in learning about and using their intuitive gifts, practicing using these gifts, better understanding energies, sharing and experimenting with intuition and energy, and disciplining the mind and intuition for every day use. I have created this program for those who benefit from a space where like-minded seekers of mystical practices in the main stream world can gather, learn, practice, share, grow and feel comfortable enough to use their gifts in all walks of their lives: At work, at home, and in your social circles.

This program is a good start for those who wish to work as Intuitive's (psychics, mediums, etc) but is really created for those who want to keep their day jobs (business people, healthcare professionals, law enforcement professionals, retail industry folks, hospitality, the list goes on) and learn to use their intuitive gifts in those spaces.

In these early Sunday morning classes (or any evening of the week you choose) you can expect to learn a new intuitive lesson each month, practice and experience it, and be able share with as well as support others. Bring your favorite dish or a bag of bagels! It's not mandatory so feel free to bring our own breakfast and just hang out before class. The only mandatory thing is an OPEN MIND. This is a judgement free space, a space where we help each other, teach each other and support each other through the process.

This is a full two year intuitive development program, try to attend as often as possible. If you can't, I often have exercises that can/should be practiced between sessions. These will be posted on the Mystic Breakfast Club FB group which you can find information on at my FB Page or Mystic Breakfast Club Group. Please join it! Emails will also be sent (email me to be added to the list)

Doors open at 08:45 am. Session starts at 9:00 am. You can expect to start with a lesson or learning connected to intuition/energy work, followed by practice time, a 20-30 minute meditation, and then sharing any messages received.

Cost: $25.00 per session. Feel free to pay ahead via the links below, or bring cash.

**If you have a private group that would benefit from this program, within your business or social circles, contact me for information on starting your own program.**


**The Mystic Intuitive

The Intuitive is a person who has a clear understanding of they clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant, clairempath/clairsentient, clairgustance, clairalience and/or clairtangent abilities. "Clair" being the French word for "Clear." The senses are picking up information from Spirit that is not otherwise openly available. The Intuitive can use this information to offer guidance to others (via readings or coaching), or receive guidance for themselves. The Intuitive can access information for personal/individual gain, personal/individual clairity, personal/individual empowerment, etc. This intuitive power is an AMAZING TOOL!

The Mystic lives in the space of intuitive power ALL THE TIME. We wake up and go to sleep connected to Spirit and serving Spirit. We nurture ourselves, our bodies, our lives, as a vessel for Spirit. Every part of our day has Spirit involved in it. Although we are not picking up "private" information on others, we are guided, step-by-step, by Spirit, as the day goes on. We have the ability to turn our intuition on or off, but we choose to live with it and become one with all that is. We no longer require a 'Reading" from an intuitive about our future, we create our future with constant intuitive guidance from Spirit. We wait, we listen, we act based on a path that we are co-creating. We are at peace knowing that our path is always moving us where we need to be.

Mystic Breakfast Club Workshops & Classes

**Email to RSVP and get address

info@JuanitaVentura.comor call/text 480-286-8700

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