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Spirit Guides - You Are NOT Alone

May 12, 2020

One of the first subjects I discuss during Intuitive Development classes, and Intuition Training, is that every one of us has a group of guides, in energetic form i.e. souls not incarnate, who surround us at all times. These are souls who made contracts with us, prior to our birth, to be with us, guide us, protect us, and offer counsel during our lifetime. Their sole purpose is to help us get through this thing called life. Or was that Prince? Seriously though, they are always with us. Some stay for a short time, others a lifetime. 

I recall a time in my life when I was in such a deep depression that I felt alone even in the most crowded of places. I was so disconnected from ME, my soul, me being, and the Universe, that all I could feel was alone. Abandoned. Left for dead, in a sense, in this crazy world. At the time I had just started connecting with my intuition but had spent the few years prior learning all about alternative healing and had taken a Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing System workshop, which is essentially the next level of Reiki. 

The SMDHS Reiki attunement opened up my third eye and suddenly a whole new world was before me. As I practiced offering healing to others, I became aware of "others" in the space with us. If I closed my eyes, I could see them! I was still learning about these "others" but more focused on what messages I was receiving and for whatever reason, I never connected that these beings also existed for me. I always just assumed they appeared for the receivers of the Reiki session. 

In my darkest hours, my guides and loved ones in Spirit, began to attempt communications with me. Let me just preface this with the fact that your emotional state can severely block your intuition. I was struggling to keep my emotions under control and balanced - hence the depression - so their attempts were not always noticed but the more I learned about them, the more I offered healing to others, the more I opened up my heart to LOVE (and turned my back to fear), the louder and clearer they became. 

I started to meditate with the singular purpose of connecting to my guides. I wanted to meet each and every one of them. I started getting names, which came to me at random times, I might add, not necessarily right when I asked, and I'd journal them and then speak their names before each meditation, inviting them in. Now I know them by heart: Sanjar, Theo, Strong Elk, Lady Nahira, Dr. Tyke, Dr. Phillip Lerner, Dr. Brown, Dr. Isaiah. Sometimes, a random name will come to me, as I invite them in and welcome them. These are guides that I know are here for a specific purpose, maybe they hang out days, maybe months, maybe matters not. All that matters is that they have come to help me, in some way. 

This, in part, is how I pulled out of my funk, and began to understand that we are never alone. We are never abandoned, and Spirit never leaves us. We are surrounded "by half of heaven," as one of the ministers at The Temple of Universality in Tucson used to say. 

During my classes I discuss the various guides: Master Teacher, Joy guides, Protector guides, your Gatekeeper, your doctors and chemists, your healing guides, teachers, and messenger guides. We talk about their attributes, their purpose, and how to recognize and connect with them. The power of this connection can get you through the worst of times and help you realize your best self. 

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